Saturday, August 30, 2008

Friday, August 29, 2008

Ok so I'm obsesses with Chanel.  I want this bag so bad And I love that outfit!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tights with floral or unusual patterns are totally in right now.   The ones in the first picture are Free People.  I love them they are so cute.  I might get them but Im not sure.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Alexis LaMontagna - Sooo Cool

I just meet with Alexis LaMontagna for a story I'm doing which will be posted on Denimology soon... and you know what...she is amazing!!  She was so nice to sit and talk with me in person about her designs, how she got started, where she went to school (OTIS) and other girl stuff. Her clothes are so cute!  I love it!  She works with mostly denim - a couple pieces I had seen in pictures before we met I didn't realize were made out of denim (like the striped dress above). She showed last year at LA Fashion week and she is definitely a designer to keep an eye on. Her jeans are totally rocking and super fit friendly - so have at it!  You can buy Alexis LaMontagna at Diavolina on Robertson, Maxine in Studio City, and Coco de Mer on Melrose. 

You can also see more of her line at and her new collection will be out in a few weeks!   

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli is no stranger to beautiful dresses.  Lauren Conrad and Mischa Barton look amazing.  Lauren Conrad was seen wearing this dress at The Hills premiere party giving off a very surfer vibe.  while Mischa Barton is giving off a more hippie vibe with a headband.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Just Cuz!

Sometimes we all feel like this cat... maybe I'm having an animal moment or two but this is one fantastic feline.  

Bringing Home The Bacon

Wim Delvoye a Belgian artist (who is a vegetarian) tattoo's pigs on his farm outside of Bejing as an Art Project... and before you think it's mean the pigs aren't killed they get to live their life out on the farm as tattooed art saving them from being slaughtered.  They are unconscious (from anesthesia) while being tattooed so they don't feel any pain from the tattooing.   

Where's the fashion tie-in you ask?  Meet Louise the Louis Vuitton piggie who didn't go to market.

Gucci Fall Winter Fringe

I'm loving the new Gucci Fall Winter '09   I like how it looks like a bohemian, rocker pirate chick.  But the thing I like most of all are the Boots!  How cool are they?  Fringe is still in and better than ever on these boots!

My Queen McQueen

I love Alexander McQueen!!  The peacock dress is my Favorite!  I also love the 18th century royalty inspired Coat.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Can't Live Without

Thomas Wylde Warrior Skull Boots - They are at Net-A-Porter I have some Thomas Wylde stuff (bathing suit, tennis shoes, T-Shirts and a bag) so you can tell I'm a fan and I keep my eye out for secret sales.  I would DIE... DIE and wear these boots everyday with everything - everywhere.  Need I say more?

News flash... I'm Obsessed with shoes - you should know that now.  These L.A.M.B. boots are to die for also (I totally love the grunge combat boots and spikey heels don't get me wrong) If I had to pick I'd rock the Thomas Wylde and L.A.M.B. boots... unless of course I could rock them all.

Frankie B Spring/Summer 2009 Taryn Manning

Sneek Peek - Frankie B "Lets Get Lost"

Frankie B. is showcasing their Spring 2009 collection in a short film starring actress and musician Taryn Manning, the film follows a day in the life of a Frankie B. woman. Conceived by Frankie B. founder and designer Daniella Clarke the video is called "Let's Get Lost" which is the original song featured in the video by Daniella's husband musician Gilby Clarke with vocals by Taryn Manning. Shot entirely in Hollywood "Let's Get Lost" will premiere on the company's website later this month.

“Let’s Get Lost’ is a dynamic view inside our lifestyle and showcases the Spring collection beautifully,” said Clarke. “Like the collection, the film is reminiscent yet modern, relaxed yet edgy. Taryn shows a playful and carefree side, and also has a creative, determined, rebellious and independent side. The clothes we see her wearing throughout the film reflect her different points of view, and the music completes the overall vibe. We couldn’t have achieved this through photographs in a traditional lookbook – the film tells so much more!”

“I have been a Frankie B. fan since Daniella started the line ten years ago, so I was thrilled when she asked me to be a part of this film,” said Manning. “I love how sexy the clothes are, and that they have a 70’s inspired design. The jeans fit my body really well and are extremely flattering. They’re so comfortable that I sometimes forget I’m wearing jeans!"

"Let's Get Lost" directed by Travis Schneider will showcase key pieces from the Spring 2009 collection include tie-dye jeans and the return of the denim jacket. All styles will be available at Frankie B. retailers worldwide and on the website starting in January

Here is a sneak peek of the short film and some behind the scenes footage of Daniella Clarke and Taryn Manning talking about the line.

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