Sunday, January 11, 2009


It was a great honor to learn last week I had been awarded a grant from Do Something to begin a project to furnish the mens dorm room at CIDA College in South Africa. This honor is personal as the Dorms are named after Thurmond Woodard an amazing human being who I had the honor of knowing. Built by Mike & Susan Dell the dorm rooms will eventually house 200+ young men from across Africa who will pursue their dream of a college education. The grant was announced on January 9th which would of been Thurmond Woodard's 59th Birthday. A wise man (Chris "Kazi" Rolle) once said "You're born with relatives, choose your family" I'm honored to call all the Woodard's my family. Please support this worthwhile cause by joining us on facebook or learning more about the project and donating through the Do Something website.

CIDA South Africa World Wide Savannah from michelle63094 on Vimeo.

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